We are hiring a Senior Content Manager to join the marketing department of Bahçeci Health Group!

16 Ağustos 2023

📩Application: [email protected]


• Bachelor/Post Graduate degree in Marketing, Business, Media, Communication or relevant field,

• A minimum of five years of experience in digital marketing and social media management,

• Experience and knowledge of Google Ad Words, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Marketing, optimization and advertising.(SEM-SEO-SEA) etc.

• Strong editorial skills and ability for writing clearly and creatively on social media platforms, 

• And a will to work with social media team harmoniously and with the other departments closely,

• Strong problem-solving skills and ability to identify and address issues that may arise in the content creation process.,

• Knowledge of content management systems and web design principles,

• Excellent communication skills to ensure clear and effective communication with team members,

Key Roles & Responsibilities: 

• Responsible for the creating and managing of all content that will support and develop Bahceci’s brand identity locally and globally.

• Develops compelling brand content to increase sharing and bring brand storytelling to life on the website, email, campaign and social media.

• Develops a website content strategy that covers the company’s goals and is compatible with the company’s image.

• Provide analytical reports in terms of digital marketing and social media activities.

• Ensures that blog and social media content that will support Bahceci’s short and long-term marketing initiatives are positioned in harmony with our services provided.

• Stays up-to-date on health best practices and always follows competitor websites to compare health activities.

📩[email protected]